We know you're all thinking it, so let's just get it out of our system real quick: "Nintendo takedown coming in 3...2...1..." And yes, it's probably true, because it always is. But with that covered, let's instead talk about just what the heck is going on in the Among Us community.

SusieQ on Twitter recently posted a link to download a game that they made, called Amogus: Sus Version. It appears to be a ROM hack of Pokémon Gold and Silver, in which every Pokémon, trainer, sprite, and name is changed to "AMOGUS" - a strange bastardisation of the game's name that's become a meme in amongst fans.

The music has been changed to an 8-second loop of "Among Drip", a rap song done to the Among Us music by Expensive Dispenser. As SusieQ herself puts it, "it's technically fully playable but anyone that manages to beat this without muting it should seek help."

There's a fair bit of detail put into this crime against humanity. The colour of the, er, Amogus Pokémon is based on their primary type, and there are 17 different colour palettes, plus three unique ones for starters and legendaries. And yes, shinies are possible. Some of the dialogue has been changed to more Among Us-themed lines, like "I'm an impostor!" and having the player choose names at the start from the options of "AMOGUS", "SUS", and "IMPOSTR".


The Among Us Twitter account (which is currently sitting at 1.2 million followers) even acknowledged the Pokémong Us mutation, simply saying "what have you done".

Although they didn't retweet the game, no doubt due to concerns over Nintendo's legendary banhammer, they have recently shared other (less copyright-breaking) fan creations, like 3D Print Guy's hyper-realistic Among Us animation, and the below recreation of Among Us's Polus map in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Update [5/3/2021]: Creator of Amogus, SusieQ, let us know that the game is specifically created not to raise too many concerns from Nintendo, Game Freak, or The Pokémon Company (formatting added by us):

Creator here, actually as much of an affront to God as this is, I was careful to make it as legal as possible, it's built using a decomp of Pokémon Gold (meaning none of Nintendo's ACTUAL source code was used), all of the Pokémon and trainer sprites are changed (so they can't claim I'm using their intellectual property).

The only things that could potentially cause an issue are some of the music (there are like 11 tracks that aren't changed to give players a brief respite between the nonstop Among Drip) and MAYBE the tilesets (though considering how generic they are that would be a stretch), the script doesn't even use the term "Poké" anywhere because the macro to define it was replaced with "SUS".

There are also a few instances where Pokémon's names are used in dialogue, and I might have to remove the Game Freak logo from the splash screen, but that would be a quick 5-minute fix if I cared enough to keep it around.

This is, of course, assuming Nintendo actually cares enough to look into it instead of just blindly throwing C&Ds around with no research.

Do you... have... any questions? We have many. "Why". "What". And just a general sort of "Huh". Let us know what you think in the comments!

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