Let's start with the good news here. Obsidian Entertainment's just confirmed that The Outer Worlds' second expansion, Murder on Eridanos, will launch next week on March 17th. The bad news? That's only for non-Nintendo platforms. Despite appearing on the eShop several weeks ago, a Switch release date remains unconfirmed.

It's not all bad news for Switch fans, as Obsidian has provided a better look at what to expect, including a new trailer.

Speaking via the PlayStation Blog, game director Megan Starks offered this outline:

We’ve always felt that a core component of Obsidian RPG’s is this element of putting you in control of the story. In Murder on Eridanos you remain in the driver seat of the narrative, but now you must solve who killed the renowned actress Halcyon Helen.

When creating this expansion, we knew we wanted to put our own unique spin on a murder mystery, but it also presented some singular challenges. For example, in The Outer Worlds, your freedom of choice means we must account for many details while you are playing. What skills have you improved? What perks and flaws do you have? Which companions are accompanying you? What clues do you find and what suspects do you interrogate, and in what order? Play anyway you like, and we will unfold the mystery before you.

Taking place at a luxury tourist spot run by the Rizzo corporation, we'll be visiting a set of drifting islands, one which is pulled through an ever-present storm. New scientific weapons and armour variants will also be introduced, alongside "plenty of additional quests".

Judging by the previous release calendar, we'd expect Murder on Eridanos to arrive this Summer. Originally launched in October 2019, the Switch port targeted a March 2020 release date before experiencing COVID-19 related delays. Similarly, its first expansion - Peril on Gorgon - arrived five months after rival platforms, so August seems a likely candidate.

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