Given how successful the Switch has been, it's understandable that we've seen quite a few carry case options arrive on the market. However, the MagGo offers something a little different; instead of fiddly zips and clasps, it uses magnets.

Boasting a "patent-pending magnetic connection system", the MagGo "allows users to enjoy gaming anytime and anywhere" and "frees up your hands and features a quick-release clip so you can whip it off fast when you need to."

If you're worried about that magnetic connection popping open when the bag is accidentally dropped, then rest easy – it's made up of 92 magnets with super-strong power, apparently. Oh, and if you don't feel you're ready to abandon the zip entirely, then you'll be pleased to learn that only the front compartment is magnet-powered – there's a rear pocket that uses the traditional zipper. Phew!

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While the MagGo has been designed with the Switch in mind, it's got room for other stuff, too, including (according to the manufacturer) your mobile phone, wallet, keys, USB type-c charger, passport and boarding pass. All of this is in addition to your Nintendo Switch and the removable centre divider with space for 12 Nintendo Switch game cartridges.

It certainly looks pretty neat, and if you fancy getting one, you can head over to Kickstarter now and take advantage of the 'early bird' offer of £48 (the normal price is going to be £78, so that's quite a saving). The MagGo has already raised almost £40,000 (blasting past its goal of £5,000), so it's assured success at this stage.

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