Dead Cells Whack a Mole

Indie smash hit Dead Cells has received yet another free update on PC (coming to consoles soon), and this one comes with some pretty big additions.

Called 'Whack-a-Mole', this latest update adds "insanely large weapons, new mutations and a collection of other enhancements". Those weapons are called The Oven Axe, The Toothpick, and Tombstone, the latter of which is an actual tombstone that kills your enemies and leaves your mark (quite literally) on your enemy’s grave.

The new mutations on offer are 'Execution (colorless)', which instantly kills enemies with under 15% health; 'Barbed Tips (tactics)', which inflicts X damage per second to enemies based on the number of arrows stuck in them; and 'Point Blank (tactics)', which allows close-range attacks to inflict X% bonus damage. Full details on all the changes can be found in the patch notes.

If you can believe it, this is actually the 23rd major update the game's received in its lifetime, so if you haven't played for a while, make sure to jump back in to see what you've missed when this lands on Switch. Earlier this month, it was revealed that Dead Cells has now sold more than five million copies worldwide – not a bad achievement at all.