Modus Games' Cris Tales has seen a few delays since it was first announced. Offering up a JRPG love letter, Modus initially planned to launch it last November, but it'll now arrive this July. In preparation for this, last night's Future Games Show gave us a brand new look.

Offering a reintroduction to our protagonist, Crisbell, this new trailer also offers a closer look at five of her allies. That includes Willhelm, a fellow time mage with a youthful appearance; Matias, an absolutely delightful talking Frog; JKR-721, a fist-fighting robot, and more.

Following on from that, Modus Games also took this chance to reveal Cris Tales' voice cast. That notably includes Kira Buckland (2B - NieR: Automata) as Crisbell, Zeno Robinson (Deidoro Sakaki – My Hero Academia) as Christopher, and Daman Mills (Frieza - Dragon Ball FighterZ) as JKR-721. You can find the full list on Modus' website.

As a reminder, a demo is currently available on the Switch eShop. So, if you like the look of Cris Tales, you can give it a try now.