With New Pokémon Snap on the horizon, we can be sure many of you are itching to share the various photos you take around the new Lental region, but things weren't always so simple in the olden days.

The original Pokémon Snap had quite a marketing campaign when it launched in 1999; in collaboration with Blockbuster Video, Nintendo introduced 'Pokémon Snap Stations' in participating Blockbuster stores around the world, allowing players to print their favourite shots from the Nintendo 64 game. All you had to do was bring your cartridge to a Blockbuster store, purchase a Pokémon gift card, insert your cartridge into the Snap Station and finally all of your digital snaps could be printed into the real world. This would surely have made you the most popular kid at school.

So how do you replicate that on Virtual Console? Are your pictures doomed to be trapped within the game forever? Not quite; when the game hit the Wii's services in 2007 it was met with a brand new feature not found in any other Virtual Console title. If you were playing on a Classic Controller all you had to do was press the Minus Button while highlighting a picture in your album and suddenly the message "Your photo was posted to the Wii Message Board" would appear.

The feature is similar to those found in titles such as Mario Kart Wii and Super Mario Galaxy, and should you hunt for it you'll find a message waiting for you on the Wii menu with a screenshot of your very own picture from Pokémon Snap. If it were 2014 you could even send this image to a friend (R.I.P Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection).

The Wii U release didn't feature an equivalent feature, but thankfully on a system level you could upload any screenshot to Miiverse for the world to Yeah (R.I.P Miiverse).

Did you ever make use of a Pokémon Snap Station and are there any other special Virtual Console features you admire? Let us know down below!