We received news back in August that Tormented Souls would come to Switch. Bringing us a survival horror game reminiscent of Resident Evil and Silent Hill, it just got cancelled on PS4 and Xbox One, but publisher PQube has confirmed it's still arriving on Switch later this year.

We'll be playing as Caroline Walker, investigating the disappearance of twin girls in a small town called Winterlake. Waking up naked in a bathtub, hooked up to ancient medical equipment, she'll be fighting to survive within this abandoned mansion turned hospital.

Speaking further about the game, PQube outlined just what we can expect:

Nothing is quite as it seems at Winterlake. Cleverly combine items to solve puzzles and use every resource available to explore the secrets of the mansion and its grounds. Mirrors provide a gateway to another place and time. Investigate even the seemingly mundane and discover ways to manipulate the very fabric of reality and seek escape.

The mansion may seem abandoned, but the deeper you venture, the more overwhelming the horrors within become. Dark forces and unspeakable creatures will do everything in their power to protect the secrets within. Remain vigilant, and use anything you can find to fight off the encroaching terrors of Winterlake.

As part of this new announcement, a physical edition was also confirmed for Switch. Published by FunStock, that includes a Sun and Moon coin based on an in-game item, costing £29.99.

Will you be picking up Tormented Souls? Let us know in the comments below.