In a new video posted on the Nintendo Japan YouTube channel, Neko Mario and Neko Peach are back as the hosts of the much-loved Cat Mario Show, or "Nyan Nyan! Neko Mario Time", as it's known in Japan.

In the video, the feline forms of Mario and Peach discuss their new amiibo, and what they add to Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury. You can watch footage of the new White Cat Mario in action, too, plus Mario's ability to turn into a golden lucky cat.

Of course, Cat Mario and Cat Peach aren't only interested in games about them. They also cover Sephiroth's appearance in Smash Bros., including Topless Sephiroth. We don't know what they're saying in Japanese, but we can only guess that it's "daaaaaaaaamn".

After covering Sephi's moveset (and rippling pectorals), the two Cats show off some Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town footage, which probably has zero topless, beefy men in it. In the video, we see the farmer taking care of animals, installing sprinklers, foraging, finding... alpacas in the wilderness (???), and the crafting and cooking systems. We get a look at Olive Town, too, which appears to change with the seasons, and a little bit of romance right at the end.

Finally, it's Mario Kart Tour's turn to get kittyfied, with Cat Peach and Cat Toad getting shown off on the track, plus the Super Bell item, and the cat-shaped car.

Most, if not all, of this info is stuff we already know, of course - but there's something special about getting told about it again by two cat puppets. Please come back to us, Cat Mario and Cat Peach. We miss you.