Super Mario Galaxy x Minecraft
Image: Hogwarts007

The community's Nintendo-flavoured Minecraft creativity continues to amaze and astonish us. We've seen Link's Awakening, Super Nintendo World, Super Mario Parkour, and Breath of the Wild all recreated in the block-building game, and now an enterprising builder named Chasin_Jason (formerly "Vegan_Potato43") has made a block-for-block version of Super Mario Galaxy that's actually playable.

Using a 20% complete map by Hogwarts007 and 99blockmaking, Chasin_Jason fleshed out the remaining parts, building the rest of the galaxies from the original and bringing the total up to 86 collectable stars. The map contains all the missions, except Prankster Comets and Luigi missions, which is fine by us - they're hard enough in the real game, we don't need Minecraft physics on top of that.

You can visit Chasin_Jason's build on its Planet Minecraft page, where there's also a link to download the map. Let us know if you give it a try!