If you're a glutton for punishment, you probably don't think Minecraft is hard enough. You probably laugh in the face of Creepers. You eat Phantoms for breakfast. This Minecraft map, by builders midnighthoil and Bertibus, might be for you, you crazy son of a blaze.

"Jump-and-Run" maps, or "JaR" as they're known to the community, are adventure maps built for parkour. If you're thinking "Minecraft parkour sounds extremely difficult", then you'd be right - despite not being a game known for its precision platforming, plenty of people have managed to master it well enough to build courses, designed to test the skill of others.

This map, simply named "Bowser's Jump and Run", is an adventure map described as "chaotic", "challenging", and will apparently take between ten and eighteen hours to clear. It's not for the faint-hearted, although more casual players might appreciate finding the many secrets and easter eggs hidden around the levels as they tumble directly into lava.

Right now, according to the Planet Minecraft page, the map is about 90% complete, and is only available in German, as the English translation is a work in progress. If you ask us, that just sounds like more of a challenge. Do parkour and learn a new language? Sign us up already!

[update: The map has been updated to include "probably most" of the English translation, which is apparently enough to clear it!]

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[source planetminecraft.com]