Image: @meatball_132

Super Nintendo World's opening may have been recently delayed but – when the pandemic is over – we'll be excited to see it in person. Understandably, fans have been pouring over the details provided and one has made a more unusual discovery: the theme park's cactus design is slightly off.

Taking to Twiitter, user @meatball132 pointed out that the cactus model used is from Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii, a fan-made mod from 2013. Designed to overhaul New Super Mario Bros. Wii with new levels, bosses, updated graphics and more, it specifically appears in World 2's "Rubble Ruins".

As to why this happened, Meatball132 believes this was likely due to an error on Google's search results, which bring up images from Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii if you search "New Super Mario Bros. Wii Cactus". It's not the first time that the team behind Super Nintendo World has fallen foul here, considering a fan-made Mario render was spotted on the official website last month.

The error comes amidst legal tensions between fans and Nintendo, who've shut down numerous fan projects in recent years. Recent examples include an unofficial Mario Kart service and a fan-made Zelda game. Likely with this in mind, Meatball132 has clarified it was "just a cool thing we noticed" and is asking that people don't get too angry at anyone.

Was this just a careless oversight? Let us know in the comments below.