Image: Nintendo Life

Much as we love the Nintendo 64, it's a known issue that HD TVs don't always play nice with our favourite 24-year-old console. When plugged into newer units, the N64's composite and S-Video outputs look washed out, meaning you'll need an HDMI upscaler to make them playable.

Pixel FX is the latest company to offer their own dedicated solution, having announced the N64Digital this weekend via Twitter. Due to launch this April, it's not available for order yet, but their official website promises a few interesting features, which include:

  • Digital lag-free HDMI output up to 1080p
  • Analog RGB/YPbPR through multi-out
  • Simple firmware update procedure via WiFi
  • Video Filters: Deblur/Scalines/Smoothing

We've seen a few efforts previously with the Warrior 64 and Super 64 HDMI Adaptor, so there is competition on this front, but we're certainly curious to see how the N64Digital delivers.

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[source pixelfx.co]