Animal Crossing Calendar

If you're looking for a way to keep track of all your favourite Animal Crossing characters' birthdays – or you're just wanting a free calendar and don't mind looking at a load of animal faces each morning – you'll want to jump on this new listing on the My Nintendo website.

Available for just 80 Platinum Points (which can easily be acquired at no cost by regularly visiting the site), you can receive a PDF download of the new calendar. It features all 12 months and lets you know exactly when each and every Animal Crossing: New Horizons character's birthday is so that you'll never forget to give them a gift. Download it here.

Those of you in the US can also pick up real-life New Horizons clothing based on in-game designs from the Nintendo store as we speak. For anyone in the UK, you can currently get your hands on some discounted Animal Crossing merch in celebration of Valentine's Day.

You better not forget Cranston's birthday now that you have this calendar, because Cranston is perfect.

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