Dodo Airlines Collection

T-shirts and jumpers featuring our favourite gaming characters are always cool, but nothing quite compares to official clothing based on actual, in-game designs.

Nintendo currently has a collection of items for sale on its official US website based on clothing found inside Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Called the 'Animal Crossing Dodo Airlines Collection', the set includes a t-shirt, jacket and hat that are pretty much exact replicas of items you can receive in-game.

They've actually been available for just over a month – you'll have to forgive us for not mentioning them sooner – but they're still readily available and look as awesome as ever.

Dodo Airlines Collection

There's also a rather fetching Nook Inc jacket, other, more standard t-shirts, and even a selection of adorable plushes of things like apples, leaves, and Isabelle's little face. It's all available from Nintendo's US store.

Animal Crossing Merchandise

Thanks to WoomyNNYes for the tip!