Cd Projekt RED
Image: CD Projekt RED

Cyberpunk 2077 didn't arrive on Switch, but you've likely seen the troubled launch it went through back in December. Opinions on the game aside, it's been a difficult state of affairs for CD Projekt RED ever since, which has come under investigation by the Polish Government. Adding to its woes, it has now been targeted by a ransomware attack.

Reminiscent of Capcom's own recent attack, CD Projekt RED released a statement on Twitter this morning confirming "an unidentified actor gained unauthorized access to our internal network". Including the hacker's ransom note, this anonymous threat claims CD Projekt RED have been "EPICALLY pwned", saying they have access to source codes for Cyberpunk 2077, Gwent and The Witcher 3.

They also threatened to leak an unreleased version of The Witcher 3 – which could be the next-gen upgrade – and gave CD Projekt RED 48 hours to contact them.

No user data was contained within this, but unfortunately, their employees aren't so lucky. Documents related to accounting, administration, legal issues, human resources and investors are all under threat of release, too.

CD Projekt RED has advised it won't give in to these demands, acknowledging the risks that strategy brings. Confirming it has already contacted the "relevant authorities", it is now working with Poland's Personal Data Protection Office and IT forensic specialists to resolve this matter.