Donkey Kong is a franchise that has been passed around numerous developers over the years, resulting in a lovely array of different genres and interpretations of the series. It also had a TV show made about it, which is something that some people would probably like to forget.

After being banded around for 30 years as of 2021 it's unsurprising that a number of characters have been introduced through a mixture of necessity and artistic license, only never to be seen again. It's important to us to make sure we know where these various members of the extended Kong family fall in terms of arbitrary ranking, so after extensive digging we amassed a total of 55 members of the Kong family – however obscure – and placed them throughout seven tiers.

Make sure you check out the video to see where we placed such classic examples as Chained Kong and Fedora Kong, and drop us a comment below if we've made the grievous error of underrating Cranky Kong's Great Grandfather.