Valentine's Day Announcement

If you've got your eye on an eligible villager in your Animal Crossing: New Horizons town, then now's the time to make your move. Sure, Animal Crossing has never actually allowed you to date the citizens before, but they added Wedding Season last year, didn't they? We can only hope that one day, Marshal will return our affections.

Nothing's stopping you from giving these lovely gifts to your intended boo, except their 1,200 Bell price, that is. They'll be added to the Nook Shopping catalogue on the 1st February, and they'll be available only until the 14th - Valentine's Day itself - so get ready to grab 'em before they're gone!

Image: Nintendo
Image: Nintendo

The Valentine's items will appear in the game alongside some Super Bowl paraphernalia, and various New Year's celebration decorations. It looks like the Valentine's Day items are colour-customisable, too - Nookipedia features the different options for both the Chocolate Box and the Bouquet.

What are your thoughts on the ACNH updates since the start of the year? Are you craving new content, or is this enough to sate your appetite? Let us know in the comments!