Concepts - not yet finalised
Image: Capcom

We've seen limited edition amiibo in the past, but these Monster Hunter Rise ones just might be the rarest ones yet.

7-Eleven convenience stores in Japan have unveiled this "limited" and "special edition" gold amiibo set, to celebrate the launch of Capcom's upcoming Nintendo Switch release.

The catch - because there's always one - is that you can't buy the set. You see, it's actually part of a prize pool.

Anyone, in Japan, who purchases a download card for the game between 25th January and 11th April earns automatic entry into a special lottery and one of the prizes happens to be this amiibo set.

According to the official Capcom PR, the designs (above) are just concepts - with the real version of these gold amiibo to be revealed in the near future. There's no word on how many sets will be available, either.

We imagine these will be quite valuable in years to come. If you're really desperate, though, you could always spray paint a standard set.

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