Image: Sega

Japanese game giant Sega is making some pretty sweeping changes at the moment, splitting its video game and amusement divisions and shifting CCO Toshihiro Nagoshi into the position of creative director, effective 1st April.

Both of these new businesses will remain under the ownership of SEGA Sammy, and the move is intended to "accelerate global business development by streamlining [SEGA Sammy’s] structure and accelerate decision-making". It is also noted that the split is intended to "transform [Sega's] business structure to adapt to the external environment".

While the focus is clearly on tidying things up behind the scenes, the split has triggered speculation online that Sega's bosses are making sure any potential purchase of the business can go ahead as smoothly as possible.

While this appears to be little more than idle chatter at this stage, we've seen plenty of rumours doing the rounds over the past few years that Sega is going to get gobbled up by a bigger fish, so it's naturally tempting to speculate on what the future will hold for the Japanese veteran.

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