République's had a quite a long history since it first released. Starting on iOS as 5-part episodic game in 2013 after a successful Kickstarter campaign, you play as Hope, a young woman held captive within a totalitarian state ruled by the authoritarian Overseer. Bringing us a stealth-action premise, it may finally be hitting the Switch next month.

The news comes as a listing has been spotted on Nintendo's website directly, which can be seen when typing République in the search bar. Though clicking the game's page now brings up a dead link, the fact it's even listed there doesn't seem like something they'd accidentally do. As reported by Nintendo Everything, that listing allegedly confirmed a February 25th release date and $9.99 price point.

République's had a long history of ports too, bringing the episodes into one package. Having released on Android, PS4, Stadia, PC, Mac and VR, a Switch release is certainly plausible. It received positive reviews - our own sister site Push Square gave it 7/10 on PS4 - so it would make a welcome addition to the indie library.

Have you played République on other platforms? Would you like to see it on Switch? Let us know below in the comments.

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