Pietro is a divisive chap. His house in New Leaf looked like a murder-carnival, and his description on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp says that most people are "creeped out by his whole deal". Yet, he still has his fans, and they love him very much, even if the rest of the world doesn't.


Brie Larson is not one of those fans. In a recent video on her YouTube channel, Ms Larson took a bunch of online quizzes to learn more about herself. Apparently, learning about herself was a mistake, because this Buzzfeed quiz told her that her Animal Crossing character was none other than the loved and hated clown-sheep.

"I just didn't know that my true form looked like that."

In another quiz, about general Nintendo trivia, she got five out of five, including questions about Tomodachi Life and Ocarina of Time. Impressive stuff. We'd invite you to hang out, Brie, but we don't hang out with Pietros. Call us when you're a Goldie.

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