Hades x Pokémon

Gods, but do we love a mashup. We reported on these incredible Animal Crossing x Hades characters earlier this month, and now we're getting Pokémon x Hades, too. We're spoiled, really.

Artist Erio has been posting their drawings of what they imagine the Olympian gods (at least, their interpretation in Hades) would look like, as well as what Pokémon they would own, their preferred type, and their badges - based on their symbols in Hades.

Athena, with Aegislash and Metagross, is the Divine Badge gym leader, favouring Steel types. Ares, the god of war, is obviously Fighting type, although his use of Emboar implies that he might have a lil fire in there, too.

Poseidon is water type (duh) and runs with Gyarados and Water/Fighting type, Keldeo. Aphrodite, who's wearing a bikini in her re-imagining, is Fairy type, with Sylveon and Hatterene.

Finally, there's goddess of the hunt, Artemis, who favours Dragon type, flanked by Flygon and Mega Sceptile, as well as the suave god of wine and partying, Dionysus, who uses Poison types (his character in Hades provides a poison-type effect called Hangover) and has Victreebel and Low-Key Form Toxtricity.

It seems like Erio plans to keep the series going all the way to the Elite Four and the Champion, so we're excited to see who else makes the cut!

What Pokémon do you think the gods would have in their party? And what type do you think Zagreus would choose? Put your thoughts in the comments below.

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