Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017
Nintendo's Yoshiaki Koizumi showing off the Switch Joy-Con – and looking far cooler than we could ever dream of (Image: Nintendo)

For many of us, the Nintendo Switch has become our go-to console in recent years, with its hardware versatility and frankly outstanding library of games helping it to arguably become one of the best consoles the company has ever released.

In the spirit of making everyone – ourselves included – feel painfully old, let us remind you that it was four years ago today when we first learned all about the console's launch. On 13th January 2017, Nintendo hosted a presentation which unveiled the console's release date, the system's price, the existence of 1-2-Switch, and the news that Zelda: Breath of the Wild would be a Switch launch game. And lots, lots more.

It was a pretty good day for Nintendo fans, that's for sure, and if we recall correctly, pre-orders for the console went live around the world just hours after the presentation came to an end. If you want to relive the show in all its glory, you can check it out below – it kicks off at the 33-minute mark.

Were you following all the biggest news stories surrounding the Switch back in January 2017? Did you pre-order a console for launch, or have you become interested in the years since? Let us know in the comments.