Step aside, Animal Crossing! It looks like the new Story of Seasons game, Pioneers of Olive Town, is going to let us befriend eggs. It's all we've ever wanted! Granted, we don't know exactly what the Japanese says in this new gameplay video, but do we need context for egg friends? That's right, we don't.

Let's have a look at those eggs with faces again.


The video above, posted by Perfectly Nintendo, showcases a few of the new features included in Pioneers of Olive Town, including what looks like a photo mode (for taking pictures of squirrels, obv) and a Museum (wonder where they got that idea from). There also appear to be shared meals with villagers - something that was a large part of the last 3DS Story of Seasons game, Trio of Towns - and a potentially new mechanic that involves buckets.

Near the end of the trailer, there's a tease of a spooky character in the woods. If past games are anything to go by, this is probably a dateable bachelor or bachelorette - previous Harvest Moons and Stories of Seasonses have often featured slightly weirder, harder-to-woo characters, like the Witch Princess, the Mermaid, or Keira, a girl who lives at the bottom of a mine and communicates entirely in signs. We all know that the hard-to-get ones make the best spouses... right?

Pioneers of Olive Town is due to come out in March as both a digital and physical release. Will you be grabbing it on launch, or are you waiting for the Harvest Moon release instead? Give us your farmy thoughts below!