Luigi Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour has received another shakeup this week as Mario and the gang head to Berlin. The best news? Luigi's whipped out his lederhosen to celebrate.

Available as we speak and running until 26th January at 9.59 pm PT, the new Berlin Tour will see all your favourite Mario Kart characters racing through the streets of Germany's capital city. The tour hopes to make the most of its Berlin inspiration by substituting the city's signature red and green pedestrian signals, known as Ampelmännchen, for Nintendo's own red and green men, Mario and Luigi.

This all means that Luigi's being given the spotlight he truly deserves, serving as the tour's featured driver and being treated to a number of new outfits. In week one, you'll get to enjoy the lederhosen getup pictured above, and week two will introduce Penguin Luigi, Builder Luigi and Luigi (Classic).

Luigi Mario Kart Tour

There's also a new Fast Frank kart and a Butterfly Wings glider, and you might soot famous landmarks like the neoclassical monument, the Brandenburg Gate, and the historic East Side Gallery.

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