Ritual of Mara ring
Image: RockLove/Bethesda

Maybe Bethesda needs some quick cash while they plug away at the new Elder Scrolls game, or maybe they're just trying to capitalise on people getting engaged during the pandemic. Either way, they've just added a new item to their merch website: a 10K Ritual of Mara gold ring. Yes, like the one from the Elder Scrolls games that grants you a 10% bonus experience buff to both partners. No, it won't give you an XP boost in real life. Sorry.

The chunky gold ring costs $1,000 (around £733) and is only available until February 14th, arriving to customers some time after April. Engraved on the inside is the quote, "with this ring and Mara's blessing", as well as the Bethesda copyright and the manufacturer name, RockLove, who also make licensed jewellery for Disney, League of Legends, and Marvel. They've worked with Bethesda in the past, making the Amulet of Mara from Skyrim, and the DOOM Eternal Slayer Key pendant.

As one commenter claimed under Eurogamer's coverage of the story, this style of ring manufacture is known as "wax injection moulding" and would usually cost $160-250 (£117-£183) depending on the quality. A price hike worthy of the most savvy Khajiit dealer, then.

We'll let you judge for yourself whether this ring is worth about a month's rent:

What do you think?

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