We've witnessed a few tactical RPGs on Switch so far, but an isometric game set within German nightclubs is certainly a unique twist. First launched for PC two years ago, inbetweengames' All Walls Must Fall is now making its way to Switch today.

Taking place in Berlin in 2089, we find a world where the Cold War never ended and both sides are caught in a time-travelling loop, constantly thwarting the other's next move. Sadly, a rogue nuclear strike throws this world into peril and with both sides scrambling to send their agents back, you'll need to uncover just who's responsible.

Bringing us procedurally-generated levels, turn-based tactical gameplay and time manipulation abilities, All Walls Must Fall saw fairly positive reviews when the PC version released – scoring 72 on Metacritic – so we're hopeful this Switch port will be worth our time.

It isn't live just yet on the eShop, but you can pre-order it now for £8.99.

Did you play All Walls Must Fall on PC? Will you be picking up this Switch version? Let us know below.

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