Glover N64

Piko Interactive, a studio that's known for buying old gaming property to work on new releases for abandoned series, looks to be one step closer to launching a re-release of Nintendo 64 platformer, Glover.

The company picked up the rights for the Glover brand back in 2017 and has been occasionally teasing a revival ever since. In 2018, a message shared to social media also spoke about a potential sequel:

Not much has been heard since, but Piko has now taken to social media once again to ask fans for their thoughts on stretch goals for a Glover Kickstarter, not only confirming that a release is still on the cards, but also suggesting that a Kickstarter campaign may be just around the corner.

If you haven't had a chance to play it, Glover is a platformer originally made by Interactive Studios that launched on both N64 and Windows back in 1998. It has players controlling a glove – the titular Glover – as they aim to move a ball towards a goal to complete each stage. The N64 version of the game received mixed-to-positive reviews, and faired much better with critics than the following year's PlayStation port.

Glover Screenshot
Image: Theo's Little Bot, Wikipedia

Do you have any memories of playing Glover on your N64? Would you like to see a rerelease on modern systems? As ever, share your thoughts with us below.

Thanks to Juan for the tip!