Seasonal Assistant

Did you know games are still being released on the Wii U? In fact, early next year, there'll be a special holiday-themed game launching on the system's eShop for $3.99 / € 3.59.

It's called Seasonal Assistant and is a spin-off of Ultra Dolphin Revolution's arcade action Wii U eShop title, Spellcaster's Assistant. Here's the rundown:

"You are Elfie, an impromptu alter ego of an assistant to a well known spellcaster. Armed with festive holiday themed spells (and a cute outfit to match), you're on a quest to get the ultimate gift for your special friend! It's time to deck some halls through winter wonder land levels and defeat plenty of meanies in Seasonal Assistant!"

There are over 8 holiday-themed levels, giant bosses to take on, and a lot of enemies to defeat with festive magic and power-ups. The reason it won't make a December release is partially due to the pandemic and other "issues" outside of the developer's control.

"We hope you understand. We made this game as a little treat for both our fans and Wii U fans and we would like to give this underrated console some love. "

Would you be willing to dust off your Wii U to play this one? Leave a comment down below.