Last week, we finally got confirmation Persona 5 Strikers would be getting a western release on 23rd February 2021.

If you were hoping to try out this game before you commit to purchasing it, well... you might just have to settle with the Japanese demo instead. RPG Site staff member Cullen Black reached out to Ari Advincula - Sega's communication manager for Atlus West - and was told there were no plans to localise the demo right now.

"When asked if there were plans to bring the demo that was seen in Japan for both PS4 and Switch, I was told that unfortunately there were none. I hope this changes as we get closer to launch, but thankfully there isn’t that much time until we’ll all be able to get our hands on the game."

One other interesting bit of information is to do with the English voice acting. Due to the pandemic, all of this was recorded remotely to keep staff and actors as safe as possible. Thankfully, this hasn't reduced the quality - with RPG Site stating how it's on par with the English dubs in Persona 5.

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