Pokemon Comfy Friends Plush

The Pokémon Company has launched a new line of plush toys that promise to be "extra soft" and "extra huggable" – something we could all probably do with right now.

We found nine designs in total, all available to purchase as we speak from the Pokémon Center online store. There's Ditto, Snorlax, Pikachu, Quagsire, Toxel, Larvitar, Dedenne, Skwovet, and even a Substitute plush – just remember that the Pokémon Center store only ships to those in the US and Canada. We're pretty sold by this product description:

The Comfy Friends Plush is made of extra-soft, fluffy material for huggable fun.

They're all roughly 15 inches in size and can be purchased for $35.99 a pop. That price point will qualify you for free shipping, which is expected in 5-9 working days from when you decide to buy.

Something about that Quagsire is calling to us, but what about you? Let us know if you'll be treating yourself or a close one to a Comfy Friends plush with a comment below.

[source pokemoncenter.com]