Lakitu is finally getting his time in the spotlight after decades of being Mario's thankless camera guy. Sure, there have been times when he's thrown stuff at us from his cloud, but who can blame him? He never gets to join in the fun!

The theme of the New Year 2021 Tour, which is already live on Mario Kart Tour, seems to be "party", which apparently looks like lots of sparkly reflective surfaces and big hats. Along with Party Pauline, Party Toad, and the snazzy disco-ball Party Wing vehicle, our newest kart driver Lakitu is all dressed up and ready to go for an extremely shiny New Year's shindig.

Mario Kart Tour
Image: Nintendo

There are some rather nice details on the new additions, including a "2020" sign in the rear of Pauline's car, confetti in her hair, and the tiny little party hat on Toad's head... or maybe he's already wearing a hat? Let's not think about it too much.

Will you be playing the New Year update? Have you already unlocked some of the new stuff? Tell us about it in the comments!