Doom Eternal

Before Bethesda locked in a release date for DOOM Eternal, there were rumours the physical version had been axed.

Now that it has been confirmed this title will be a "digital-only" release, this leaves Switch owners with no option but to make some space on their systems if they want to play it. So how much room will this sequel actually require? In case you missed our interview with Panic Button about the game, the file size clocks in at 17.5GB.

So how does this compare to DOOM (2016)? The original game, according to Nintendo's official game page, was a little bit bigger - clocking in at 22.0GB. id Software's classic title DOOM II only requires 288MB of space.

Doom Eternal
Image: Nintendo

Do you have 17.5GB of space ready to go for DOOM Eternal when it arrives on the Nintendo Switch next week? Would you rather a physical release? Share your thoughts down below.