Finally, a product for the depressed youth of today.
Image: Bandai

2020 will be remembered for a lot of things, and one of these things will no doubt be this incredible Metapod onesie-cushion-bed-thing that can fit actual humans inside of it.

As part of Bandai's 'Premium' range, this Metapod cocoon is made of polyester and is approximately five feet long. The product listing encourages potential buyers to ensure that Metapod will definitely fit through their door before buying, because he's a very big boy.

According to the very helpful product photos attached to the product listing, the list of activities you can enjoy with your new Metapod home appear to include: having it sit beside you while you work, flopping onto the floor as your last ounce of happiness ebbs away, and taking a good hard look at yourself in the mirror as you question your life choices. Perfect.

Pre-orders for Metapod went live today for buyers in Japan, but appear to have already sold out. It's scheduled to start shipping in April 2021 so you might get another chance to pick one up at a later date, but the 35,000 yen (approx. £257 / $337) price tag isn't cheap.

We genuinely want one of these. Like, seriously.

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