Sword Shield Gloria

A tweet regarding a new update to Pokémon Masters has taken Twitter by storm this morning as fans of the series hear the voice of Sword and Shield protagonist Gloria for the first time.

The character, who serves as the base female option players can choose from at the beginning of Pokémon Sword and Shield's adventure, is being added to Pokémon Masters on 29th November. You can hear her new voice in the tweet below, but be warned – it's painfully British.

Ahead of Sword and Shield's launch back in November 2019, the character was assumed to be Scottish thanks to the Galar region's UK-inspired design. Memes soon filled the internet, with fan-made videos, comic strips and the like showing the character with a heavy Scottish accent.

It's a shame, then, that her official voice hasn't quite matched up with expectations, but fans are still enjoying the whole thing nonetheless.

Are you a fan? Show us your best British impression in the comments below.