How do you choose between something utterly fantastic and something breathtakingly wonderful? Well, we've no idea, but that's the challenge at hand here.

Nintendo wants to know whether you're a bigger fan of Zelda games which are 2D (like Link's Awakening and The Minish Cap) or 3D (like Breath of the Wild and The Wind Waker), putting the question to fans on Twitter as a poll. The results will be discussed on the next episode of the Nintendo Power podcast, and you can your votes below.

Naturally, the whole thing's probably just a bit of fun, but who knows... Perhaps a mass vote like this could impact Nintendo's ideas for future games? Either way, it doesn't hurt to have your say.

More questions have also been posted if you're interested. Check them out:

We're curious to hear your thoughts on this one too, so feel free to have your say on the matter in the comments.