LEGO DOTS Animal Crossing
Image: Lego

If you're looking to give your Animal Crossing: New Horizons home a much-needed makeover, why not try out these new, artsy designs from LEGO?

Celebrating this year's LEGO DOTS launch – a new 2D tile concept that hopes to spark new ways for kids and big kids alike to get creative – the company has shared a number of new designs that can be used as wallpaper, floor patterns and more. You can see the whole selection here, but we'll share a few for you down below.

If any take your fancy, simply use the attached QR codes to download them in-game.

If you're looking for more fantastic Animal Crossing: New Horizons custom designs, make sure to check out our guide to the very best designs we could find.

If we're being honest, we've let our digital homes get a bit drab over the past few months. Perhaps it's time for a shake-up?

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