The Crackpet Show, a cartoon bullet-hell roguelike starring a cast of non-child-friendly critters, will blast its way onto Switch in 2021.

The game has players taking on the role of cartoon animal gladiators who are taking part in savage tournament. It all takes place within a post-apocalyptic TV show, where the contestants must fight for their lives in battles against mutated creatures and arenas covered in traps.

Your Happy Tree Friends-inspired creatures will need to master both bullet-hell shooter mechanics and "vehicular mayhem" to succeed; the game is said to feature "easy-to-understand controls and fluid, physics-driven competition." Here's a feature list:

- It’s all about The SHOW! Each game level is another episode of a very bizarre, yet extremely popular gladiator-style television show, where winning is not as important as making a freaky, killing spree performance.

- Post-apocalyptic rampage! What happened to humans some may ask, well, no one knows, and honestly no one cares anymore. They’re most likely extinct and their entire legacy, especially weapons, is now being exploited by those who have displaced them – loony, mutated, Crackpets.

- Why does it feel so wrong and yet so right? Feeling nostalgic about good ol’ adult cartoons? The Crackpet Show is the answer! We’ve got all sorts of Happy Tree Friends-inspired animal characters that are both so adorable and even more creepy. Nothing like you’ve ever seen, post-apocalyptic setting that fuses colorful art-style, fluffy characters with action full of skull-cracking and destruction.

- All aboard the HYPE train! Jump in and try your luck becoming the next Champion. Acquire as many fans and sponsors as possible and receive rewards! Gain fame by completing show-rooms or whole episodes and collect fancy perk coins. Gather likes slaughtering your opponents and exchange them for equipment, new weapons, and perks.

- Teamplay, you freak! Want something more than a singleplayer experience? Gather up to 4 friends, pick the preferred room, and hack & slash through enemies. When the time comes, fight your dudes for the loot - there can be only one STAR! But, since you might need sidekicks on the way to glory, go and buff up your team and share weapons and gear with them, and if they drop dead you can even revive them. Just like in the Pet Sematary!

- Monotony? No way, Jose! Procedurally generated maps and tons of enemies do not allow any boredom. The show producers promise at least a couple of episodes, with different biomes, various exhibits, and the right background for the overwhelming bloodshed you’ll perform. Stand out during the casting and choose your favorite character class with different sets of weapons.

- Kick some big-ASS bosses! Lights, camera, and action…slice those huge and abominated enemies into pieces. Slay everything you see and get the trophies you deserve.

The game is in development for both Switch and Steam as we speak, with a Q2 2021 release window currently being targetted.

Are you a fan of adult cartoons? Think you'll be tempted to give this one a go next year? Let us know in the comments.