NookLink, the Animal Crossing: New Horizons service that's available inside the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app, has received a brand new update which adds a handy new feature.

When you first open your app after the update, you'll spot a brand new icon on the NookLink home screen called 'Catalog'. Heading here – as long as your app and game are updated to the latest versions – will allow you to view your in-game catalog from your mobile.

You can browse through your items to your heart's content, searching by name, criteria (such as colour, whether the item is customisable, or its cost), or by looking through your favourites. It's a very nifty way of searching for information on items without having to boot up the game, and actually offers more tools and filters for your searches than the game itself.

There it is, bottom row, in the middle... — Image: Nintendo, screenshot: Nintendo Life

In a welcome touch, the app also lets you browse through your catalogued paintings and statues, meaning you could theoretically scroll through your already-registered artworks while looking at the new items on offer in Crazy Redd's Treasure Trawler (thanks to Animal Crossing World for that cheeky tip).

Does this sound like something you'll get a lot of use out of? Let us know how your islands are coming along in the comments below.