Nightdive Studios may have recently delayed its remaster of Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition until next year, but the developer has just put out Strife: Veteran Edition on Switch and discounted its remasters of N64 classics Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, to boot.

Strife is a First-Person Shooter/RPG hybrid from 1996 running on the DOOM engine which was originally developed by Rogue Entertainment. While it didn't blow contemporary critics away at the time, it's gained something of a cult status and is seen by some as a precursor to RPG-style shooters like Deus Ex. Nightdive's enhanced version originally released for PC back in 2014 and holds a 'Very Positive' rating on Steam, so it's nice to see it on Switch.

If you're a fan of vintage shooters, you'll be pleased to hear that Nightdive has also lopped 50% off both its Turok remasters, too — a discount running until 31st October. Here's a little more info about Strife from the official PR followed by some nostalgia-inducing screenshots:

In Strife, a comet impacted the Earth, causing destruction and chaos, and bringing about a horrific mutagenic virus. A sinister group, formed of surviving mutants, has attempted to take over the world. Your job, as a merc working for the benevolent group The Front, is not about to let that happen. Grab your guns and get going, as you’ll need to find the five pieces of the Sigil, a mysterious object that may take down The Order, or destroy what’s left of humanity — what happens is up to you!

Strife: Veteran Edition is available at this very moment on Switch eShop with a 25% launch discount (bringing it down to $7.50), and both Turok and Turok 2 have been available for over a year now.

Update 27th Oct, 2020, 4:30pm GMT: The discounts on the Turok games don't appear to be up at the time of writing. We've enquired as to when they'll be live and will update this post when we find out.

Fancy some '90s shooter action? Let us know below if you plan on getting into trouble with Strife.