We're always cautious not to label characters as "Overpowered" when they've been with us for less than 24 hours. That's not what we're doing. Steve has been a well-rounded technical fighter and is an utter blast to play around with...but his side special can be positively deadly.

On paper it isn't too different to Bowser Jr's, both see the player taking out anyone in their path as they zoom off. The difference is Steve can hop out of his cart and turn it into a portable grabbing machine, leaving players vulnerable until they wiggle their way out. This may not be too intimidating when on secure land but if you're able to catch someone near a stage's edge it can spell their doom, especially if they're at a high percentage or have a poor vertical recovery.

In the video above we captured our numerous attempts at this low effort KO with real players online. Not many seemed privy to the abilities of this move so perhaps its success rate will diminish in the coming weeks, however in our testing we were able to take out characters such as Little Mac at only 65% which will likely leave everlasting impacts (unless patches have anything to see about it).

Have you been using this move or found yourselves on the receiving of it? Let us know down below!