JanduSoft and Grimorio of Games have shared a new Dev Diary video for the upcoming Sword of the Necromancer, an action roguelike heading to Switch later this year.

The video is the first in a series of three set to be shared to YouTube, all offering an in-depth, behind-the-scenes peek into the making of the game. This first video explores the title's gameplay mechanics and features, and you'll also get to see quick snippets of the team working on the game from their studio.

You might remember Sword of the Necromancer from a story we ran earlier this year; the game raised over 100% of its initial Kickstarter goal in less than 24 hours, but was then the victim of a 'troll' backer who pledged a huge amount to help the project before taking the funds away again and jeopardising the whole thing. Thankfully, all worked out in the end and the game is gearing up for launch.

Sword of the Necromancer is a top-down action roguelike with a unique twist: you can resurrect any enemy you kill as an undead minion to fight alongside you! On top of that, there’s a fluid combat system with a smorgasbord of weapons and gear to choose from. Advance through the dungeon and weigh the consequences of what armaments to equip as you amass your little army of the undead!

We expect to hear of a release date for this one fairly soon, but feel free to let us know your early thoughts in the comments below.