Image: Nintendo

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai has to be ultra-careful whenever he's working on a new DLC fighter in order to avoid giving away any hints ahead of the character's official reveal.

It's also why each character in development has a special codename. As you might recall, Joker was "Jack" and Hero was "Brave". This ended up being enough for some fans to work out what might be on the way ahead of schedule.

In the case of Minecraft's Steve - his internal codename was Pickel. As noted by PushDustIn, this is most likely based on the Japanese word for pickaxe - a tool Steve and other Minecraft characters use to mine ore and mineral blocks.

In a follow-up tweet, Twitter user highgai shared the following information:

Just going to add one thing before people jump in saying "The word for Pickaxe is つるはし in Japanese"

Yes, there is a word in Japanese for pickaxe, however they do commonly use the word Pickel (ピッケル) as well, since katana sounding words are cool

While we haven't seen Steve with any pickles, he has been making headlines since his arrival yesterday for holding his meat.

What do you think of Steve's internal codename? If we had known about it at the time of the character's development, do you think a Minecraft representative would have been an obvious guess? Share your thoughts below.