If you're in the market for a realistic racing game, then you might want to check out Speed 3: Grand Prix when it whizzes onto Switch on 10th November. The launch trailer above will give you a good idea what to expect with this racing sim, which has been developed by Lion Castle. Oh, and spoiler alert: Sandra Bullock is nowhere in sight.

Here's a bit more about the trailer from the publisher:

The trailer showcases the intense racing action and spectacle that are to be expected on the various circuits of Speed 3: Grand Prix. It also details special features, such as the local split-screen multiplayer and Time Trial mode, which allows players to challenge their own personal records.

Speed 3: Grand Prix transforms the world’s most popular motorsport into an accessible and fun arcade racing experience. Get on the circuit, pick your favorite car and claim the top spot in all seasons! Drive recklessly to take down your opponents, as you race all around the world: from tearing up the German asphalt, to drifting through neon-filled streets of Tokyo. Speed 3: Grand Prix delivers an irresistible mix of high-speed track racing with explosive arcade action! It will feature both single-player and split-screen multiplayer.

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