Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Minecraft Steve

Over the weekend, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai hosted a presentation which explored everything you need to know about the game's newest inclusion, Steve and Alex from Minecraft.

The video showed off the new character's moves, stage and more, and we've gathered up a written account of all these lovely details for you below. If you missed the show, or if you're wanting an easy-to-follow recap, here's a look at Steve's intriguing moveset and the various abilities you'll be able to perform.

Steve and Alex - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Moveset

  • The Basics: Like in Minecraft, players can hold down the attack button to walk while repeatedly swinging a sword, axe or pickaxe. These attacks have short range, but wide reach. These tools can also be used for abilities new to the Super Smash Bros. franchise: Mine, Craft and Create Block.

  • Mine: While battling, Steve and Alex can use their tools to dig into the ground or walls of each stage to extract materials. The materials found – dirt, wood, stone, iron, gold and diamond – will depend on the type of surface Steve and Alex dig into. Dig into the trees of Kongo Jungle, for example, and players will find an abundance of wood, while iron can be discovered on the Corneria stage.

  • Craft: After mining, players can then craft using the materials they collected. Steve and Alex’s tools have limited durability and can break, so crafting new tools is vital to maintaining an advantage on the battlefield. By standing in front of a crafting table, which will appear on the stage, players can use materials to craft these tools – the more valuable the material, the more powerful the tool.
  • Create Block: Another move that Steve and Alex can use is Create Block. By activating this ability, players will, well, create a block. These blocks can be stacked and strategically placed as defensive manoeuvres. Blocks also use materials, like crafting, so players will have to continue to mine to maintain their material supply

Steve and Alex's Final Smash

  • Final Smash: Steve and Alex’s explosive Final Smash is called House of Boom. After destroying the Smash Ball, players will summon a giant piston, which sends opponents flying into the House of Boom. From there, the iconic Creepers from Minecraft will set off an explosion, dealing massive damage.

Minecraft World - Smash Ultimate's Minecraft Stage

  • Minecraft World: The stage included in this Fighters Pass Vol. 2 pack is Minecraft World, which consists of six different areas inspired by the original Minecraft game. The destructible areas randomly change for each match. When battling on this stage, players will experience a day and night cycle, with zombies and skeletons emerging at night to terrify players.

Minecraft Music in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Minecraft Music
  • Music Tracks: Since the music in Minecraft is meant to be soothing and relaxing to inspire creativity and building, the new music tracks selected for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are from more action-packed games in the Minecraft franchise, like Minecraft Earth and Minecraft Dungeons.

We were also recently treated to a look at Kirby's blocky new form (which is as fantastic as you'd expect), as well as the release date for the new Minecraft content. Steve and Alex's Challenger Pack launches on 13th/14th October depending on your region, and will be available for £5.39/€5.99 or as part of the £26.99/€29.99 Fighter's Pass Vol. 2.

Are you looking forward to playing with these new characters? Do you think they'll be fun new additions to the roster? Let us know with a comment below.