The Super Mario 3D All-Stars trailers just keep coming, with a new commercial focusing specifically on Super Mario Sunshine.

For those of you who have been following the game's announcements over the past week or so, the video doesn't highlight anything new, but it does give us a quick overview of Sunshine's content. Rather than focusing on the upgrades present in the 3D All-Stars release, this clip is simply showing off what Sunshine's story is all about, and Mario's quest to cleanse the very goopy Isle Delfino.

The beginning of the trailer appears to 'select' Super Mario Sunshine from the three titles, suggesting we may get similar short ads for each of the three games. Either that, or Nintendo agrees with this particular writer that Sunshine is the pick of the bunch – yes, you read that correctly.

Earlier today, it was revealed that Super Mario 3D All-Stars has already leaked online ahead of Friday's release.

Only three days to go, folks. Who's excited?