Animal Crossing New Horizons Pine ConeNintendo Life

As we cruise through 2020 and begin our descent into autumn (or fall, if you prefer) and the cooler months, Animal Crossing: New Horizons continues to keep many of us occupied as we tend to our digital villages - islands now populated with so much flora, fauna and folk that we can no longer rightfully call them 'deserted'.

A variety of limited-time seasonal items have appeared in the Nook Shopping store since the game launched back in March, and the latest one is a Grape-harvest basket - a fetching little barrel-like rucksack to collect fruit from the vine. You won't be putting fruit in it, but it looks cute. This basket is available throughout the month of September, so there's no massive rush to order it from the in-game store.

You can add this seasonal delight to your collection (or send it directly to a loved one's island) for a mere 800 Bells. And they say Nook's a swindler! Simply head to the 'Nook Shopping' section of the Terminal in Resident Services and head to the 'Seasonal' tab (alternatively, you can order it via your NookPhone app if you've unlocked it).

Isabelle will also send you a seasonal DIY recipe for a Tree's bounty little tree when you fire the game up this month, which you craft by using pine cones and acorns which can now be shaken from trees (along with hundreds of branches, of course):

Animal Crossing New Horizons Tree's bounty little treeNintendo Life

Still playing Animal Crossing, or have you--ahem--Fall-en off? Eh!? Ha!... Hello?