Animal Crossing Fully Upgraded House
Image: Nintendo Life

Fully upgrading your home in Animal Crossing: New Horizons costs a lot of Bells, with that pesky Tom Nook draining your resources left, right and centre, but have you ever wondered how much your island getaway might cost in real life?

Strangely enough, online comparison service Money has been calculating exactly that, analysing a number of properties from games, films and TV shows to see how they'd fit alongside real-life houses.

Its report says, "The value of each fictional property was calculated individually based on canon information from the game, television show or film using location data and bedroom count and collated with real-life comparisons of average property prices in a corresponding area or a conversion from fictional to real currency."

So, on to the data. Apparently, a fully-upgraded Animal Crossing home is likely to cost around £359,339 (or around $470,172 in the US), and if you were to take out a 25-year mortgage with a 10% deposit, you'd be paying £1,533.63 a month.

Money even went to the trouble of creating this listing for the property, as if it were being put on the market.

Animal Crossing House Cost
Image: Money

The nearby amenities do sound pretty sweet, though.

The New Horizons home isn't the most expensive on the market, either. According to the same report, Bowser's Castle is estimated to cost around £4.39 million while Tomb Raider's Croft Manor was valued at a whopping £31.36 million. Your player character's house in Pokémon Sword and Shield would be around £343,914.

We wouldn't take these figures too seriously, of course, but it's nice to know how well off we all are in the video game world. If only we could afford these houses in real life, eh?