Pikachu's adorable face is plastered onto practically every type of product you can imagine these days, so why not throw a ridable, rubber seat into the mix, too?

Introducing Pokémon Air, a new Pikachu toy designed for people ages three and up. Perfect for riding on around the living room – we've all seen Ash Ketchum racing around on Pikachu's back in the TV show, right? – the Pokémon Air can hold up to 100 kilos (or around 15-and-a-half stone). This means that some adults will be able to ride Pikachu too, which is fantastic.

If Pikachu rides aren't your thing, the Pokémon Air can also be used as something to lean on, perfect for those times when your cushions aren't Pikachu-shaped enough. This alternative use for the product has been wonderfully demonstrated in the image below.

Apparently it arrives in a deflated state, so you'll have to pump it up when you first get it. You do that by erm... Oh.

Pokemon Air

Pre-orders for Pokémon Air are going live in Japan next month on 1st October, with pricing set at ¥7,500 yen (around $71 / £55). Shipping starts in November, although there's no mention of a worldwide release just yet.

Fancy getting your hands on one of these? Let us know in the usual place.

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