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Image: Nintendo

Nintendo has hit another fan-made game with a copyright takedown notice, although this title is quite different from the usual ones making headlines.

Peach's Untold Tale by South American-based developer Ivan Aedler, is a free hentai-style parody adult game starring the Mushroom Kingdom's princess that's well...far from family-friendly. Videos of the title have reportedly been viewed millions of times since 2012.

After eight years, it seems Nintendo has finally had enough. The Github page for the game was recently hit with a copyright takedown, so it can no longer be downloaded or played.

"The copyrighted works are Nintendo's characters and audio-visual works from its Super Mario video game franchise"

Despite being labelled as a "parody adult game" (which could technically fall under fair use), Nintendo does not agree.

The last post about the project on the creator's Patreon was earlier this year in May, discussing a new update - adding new outfits for the princess, new scenes, new music and sounds and various other improvements.

Here's how Aedler described the game in an interview last year:

"It’s a game where players take on the role of Princess Peach. Bowser is invading, the citizens of Mushroom Kingdom are under Kamek’s spell to be super aroused, and Mario is missing. What’s a princess to do? Stomp some enemies, or start putting out, to save her kingdom."

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